Mini groups and 1-to-1 Italian language courses

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You can learn Italian enjoying your classes, we will speak, read together, watch videos, and listen to audios. You will have the opportunity to speak with your colleagues through role-makings, role-playings, conversation activities and games.

Elena and Fiorella will be very happy to make you feel more and more confident with the Italian language in everyday life, in real-life situations, in a formal or informal environment. You will soon be able to practice your Italian with friends, relatives, parents, colleagues, at the coffee bar, in shops and many other situations.
You will improve all your skills, understanding, speaking, writing and reading, at every level from beginner to advanced.

By developing your language skills, you can learn the Italian natives’ real language, popular, cultural, idiomatic and colloquial expressions which we use and at the same time making new friends.

It’ll be great when you will have the possibility to read Italian books in their original language or watch Italian movies without needing subtitles because you can understand them.

Learn the Italian language will give you the opportunity to have more professional and business contacts, to discover and appreciate the history, culture, literature of an important civilization in the world history.

Elena and Fiorella will provide the most appropriate approach for you to learn the Italian language. You will enjoy learning with us.

All Elena and Fiorella’s courses can be more intensive (3/4 classes every week) or less intensive (1 or 2 classes every week) according to student’s request and availability.
It is possible also a long-term course with 1 class every 1 or 2 weeks.

For each course Elena and Fiorella wants to create the proper learning material for each of their students, using texts, original materials, newspapers and many other tools.

All Italian language courses are available online, in presence in Turin and Alba, at teacher’s home, at your home, at your company’s seat.

Small group courses

If you are two friends wishing to learn the Italian language and culture together or if you are two students heading to the same linguistic goals, the 2-to-1 course allows you to focus your lessons on your aims, needs and interests. We select the most appropriate learning materials, you can choose your frequency and schedule with great flexibility.

If you wish to have your Italian language course with other students, we organize Italian language courses with small groups (2/3 students). We can text your level and find the proper course with other students of your same level.

1-to-1 courses

A 1-to-1 Italian language course means:

High schedule flexibility. You can choose your total amount of hours, decide how and when to fix your lessons, with a 24 hours prior advice you will never risk losing a lesson in case you need to cancel it.
The program will be tailored on your needs, we will focus on your difficulties so to overcome them and make you more and more confident with the language.
The learning material will fit your level and your goals. Elena and Fiorella can provide you with all the grammar and lexicon tools to benefit from your Italian course.
In short time you can achieve effective results.

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