Preparation courses for CILS and International examinations

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For more than 10 years Elena and Fiorella have prepared their students to pass successfully the CILS, PLIDA and CELI Italian language certifications for all levels, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

Depending on the student’s starting level of Italian, the course program is structured to reach the required level for the certification the student wants to make.  During the course the grammar and linguistic structures and the lexicon will be improved. The student’s understanding, speaking and writing abilities will be strengthened so to make him/her fluently communicate in private, public, educational and professional domains corresponding to his/her level.

During the course every student will practice all the examination papers and he/she will  have a complete mock exam so to be ready to face the certification and feel confident with it.

Both mini-groups and 1-to-1 courses can be programmed, more intensively (3/4 lessons per week) or less intensive  (1 or 2 lessons per week) depending on the student’s time availability and his/her objectives.

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