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Make your Italian lessons a wonderful journey to Italy, Turin and Piedmont.

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Learning the Italian language becomes a beautiful experience when you can do it discovering the Italian history, cuisine, literature, art, culture, sport and so on.

Combine your course with your interests and you will be looking forward to having your class. Videos, audios, interviews, and many other materials will bring you directly here in Turin and in Piedmont, in our museums, in our history and culture.

If you are or come and stay in Turin a guided tour in the historic centre or a visit to the largest open-air market in Europe, to discover Italian producers and excellences will be a very effective lesson.

Have fun with a shopping afternoon to learn how Italian natives communicate in shops and getting to know the most famous Italian brands.

We can plan classes having lunch together in one of the many Piedmontese restaurants offering one of the most well-known cuisine in the world.

If you are in the Langhe area you can have your class searching truffles or tasting a glass of wine! And much more is possible according to your interests and all you wish to know about Turin and Piedmont.

Elena and Fiorella can organize your lessons also for 1 day, 1 weekend or a week in Turin, Alba or in the Langhe with special courses, cultural activities and guided tours which will make your staying an unforgettable and profitable experience.

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